Poke Sauce


Chef Doreen Fang, Savor Acts



  • 1 Cup Aloha Shoyu Poke Sauce
  • 1tsp Savor Acts “All Thai’d Up Pickled Chili Peppers Brine” for spice Can substitute to taste
  • ¼ Pound Fresh Ahi Cubed
  • Cooked Rice
  • Shredded carrots
  • Sliced avocado
  • Thinly Sliced cucumber
  • Seaweed Salad
  • Pickled Ginger – fine cut
  • Shredded Radish (color and bitterness)
  • Green Onions
  • Shichimi / Togarashi TO TASTE – Garnish


  • Combine Poke Sauce with 1tsp Savor Acts “All Thai’d Up Pickled Chili Peppers Brine”** for spice
    • **Can be substituted with any other hot sauce according to taste.
  • Marinade preferably overnight
  • Add your cooked Rice in the Bowl first
  • Add Ahi to one side of bowl.
  • Add rest of ingredients
  • This is all about presentation when adding rest of ingredients.
  • We all eat with our eyes, so make it pretty!
  • Sprinkle Shichimi – Togarashi to taste



Aloha Shoyu Poke Sauce is a flavorful sauce used in Hawaiian cuisine, in the popular poke dish. Our ready to use poke sauce makes it easy for you to enjoy the taste of the islands.


Doreen Fang is an unassuming (was prominent) figure in the culinary and philanthropic world, known for her role as the CEO of Savor Acts, her involvement with the Bonnie Fang Foundation, and her co-hosting of the Second Act Scratch podcast. With a strong focus on kindness and giving back to the community, Fang has made a significant impact through her various endeavors.

As the CEO of Savor Acts, Fang has played a pivotal role in the company’s success and expansion. Initially specializing in pickled hot peppers, Savor Acts has now expanded its product line to include seasonings. The name “Acts” in Savor Acts represents the company’s commitment to acts of intentional kindness, reflecting Fang’s belief in making a positive impact beyond just food.

Collaborating closely with her business partner, Anna Johnon, Fang has fostered a strong sense of community engagement and social responsibility within Savor Acts. Their shared belief in giving back has been the driving force behind the establishment of the company and its continuous growth.

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However, Fang’s passion extends beyond her love for food and entrepreneurship. She is deeply dedicated to the Bonnie Fang Foundation, which she established with her sisters in honor of her late mother who passed away from lung cancer in 2002. The foundation has made significant contributions by providing approximately $200,000 in nursing scholarships to date. Through these scholarships, the foundation supports aspiring nurses in their pursuit of education and helps to alleviate the financial burden associated with their training. Nurses are the unsung heroes in our communities. By supporting them, we not only acknowledge their invaluable contributions but also invest in the well-being and health of every individual within our society.

In addition to her roles at Savor Acts and the Bonnie Fang Foundation, Doreen Fang also co-hosts the Second Act Scratch podcast. This podcast offers a platform for individuals to share their stories of reinvention, resilience, and personal growth in their “second acts” of life. Through her podcasting endeavors, Fang continues to inspire and empower others by showcasing stories of individuals who have successfully navigated life transitions and pursued their passions.

Doreen Fang’s multifaceted work as a CEO, philanthropist, and podcast co-host highlights her commitment to making a positive impact on this world. Through Savor Acts, the Bonnie Fang Foundation, and the Second Act Scratch podcast, she continues to embody her values of kindness, community engagement and supporting others in their pursuit of happiness and success.