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33 reviews for Basic Annual Subscription


    Wish you do special free shipping offers.

  2. Teresa Keith

    I have always loved Aloha Shoyu.

  3. charles HIgdon

    best products on the market

  4. ed

    best products ever

  5. ed

    best products ever made

  6. Charlene Kaleo

    Sushi no tomo grew up w this vinegar the best hard to find in Las Vegas stores!!

  7. Dennis Ing

    Need to offer better shipping rates for Kanaka subscribers on da mainland!! No moa Aloha Shoyu here in Myrtle Beach SC Sams Club or Anywhere! So expensive!

  8. SD Rob

    From one mainland kanaka to abort all others..and turn many here on to ya.. By taste test..all Chose… you win when blindfolded. congratulating and mahalo I’ll keep spredin Da word

  9. hidetoshi yamamoto

    I like old soy sauce bottles


    best stuff ever

  11. Heiauoku

    I save $5 per bottle shopping online for four 1 gallon bottles. That is without 15% off. Because it is 2 hours to a store that sells 1 gallon, I will buy in bulk.

  12. Shaina Caporoz

    Great Items to Have at Home…

  13. mixdplate

    Please find a distributor closer to east coast of mainland (NJ). Used to be able to bring some back when visiting mom in Waianae but now even luggage fares too much. I’ve ordered online before but now shipping is too expensive.

  14. Sandra Hilton

    Great products

  15. Glenna Casady

    Love this stuff! Great company and people!

  16. teshima12

    The best out there!

  17. Leonard Navarro

    Great Taste

  18. Dawn Stearns

    Absolutely love ALOHA products!

  19. elaine won

    Just became aware of the distinct flavor of Aloha Shoyu and can’t do without it.

  20. trentclark1009

    Best Products!!!! Recipes are great! T-Shirts and accessories are great. We join every year. My husband was born and raised in Oahu and this is the only soy sauce to use!!!!

  21. barbmjones4

    Being born and raised in Hawaii and now living in Florida. This is the ONLY shoyu I will use. I have my orders all the time! Best shoyu in the world, hands down.

  22. Octavio F. Lucas (verified owner)

    Just placed an order for the best soy sauce (shoyu) in the world! I called the company in Las Vegas and spoke to someone named Mary. She was very kind, friendly and knowledgeable. She also had the Aloha Spirit that I miss so much since leaving Hawaii many years ago. I also got a discount on the products I purchased when I signed up for the annual membership. Thanks again, Mary, for helping me place my order over the phone. Mahalo! 😀

  23. mnaki76 (verified owner)

    Really wish shipping was not so expensive or you had a distributor closer to the east coast, North Carolina here. I order in bulk and rarely. Something to look into. Get a plenty kanaka on the east coast… Maybe some where in the middle for distribute center. Just my 2 cents. LOVE this stuff. =)

  24. Stephen Mapa

    This is so awesome….makes me home sick


    Last gift (in plastic zip bag) I wen get was mean man !! But yeah delivery to da East Coast (NJ) getting expensive. Need Kokua satellite store East Coast…..

  26. Kevin Howard

    I love this soy sauce! A friend of mine from Hawaii turned me on to this a few years ago and it’s the only soy sauce I use now!

  27. Darryl E.[Kekauoha] Fritz Sr.

    I grew with Aloha and when your taste buds say Aloha Shoyu there is to other even when you’ve tried the others Mahalo team. If I wasn’t in a wheelchair with one due to cancer and living back home on Oahu (Waimanalo) I would work for Aloha, but at 75 years old on November 18 no can perform like I would like to, plus the commute from Pennsylvania to Hawaii cost of Gas to much! LOL Aloha Kanaka’

  28. Viola

    Best shoyu just so expensive to send to Oregon anyway to get a better deal on shipping lmk

  29. Dennis M Kayano

    best flavored Glazed Guava Pineapple shoyu

  30. Viola

    Is shipping from Las Vegas to Oregon how much per gallon if I am a member

  31. Viola

    How much per gallon with membership

  32. Genevieve Sagum

    Enjoy your products

  33. Kimberly Martin


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